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The brain and muscle behind RAW Talks. We connect people in the extractive industries, to capture their ideas and expertise, and to translate their insights into shared knowledge.

Nicolas Di Boscio

Editor in Chief
Managing Partner at Ergo Strategy Group, a global advisory firm on natural resources and economic development. Following a career as a senior executive in the mining industry, he founded RAW Talks in 2016, bringing together a passion for natural resources, wealth creation, debate and the dissemination of knowledge. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics. He has been regularly published on issues of resource economics and is a visiting lecturer.

Åsa Borssén

Series Host
Åsa is Programme Officer for the “Extractives and Development” programme at BGR. She is the ballerina that turned to law and governance, leading to a J.D. in International Law and an M.A in International Affairs, and a commitment to sustainability in the extractive sector. In recent years she has collaborated with governments, private sector and international organisations to improve the understanding of resource-led development.

Mark Slade

Deputy Editor
Partner at Ergo Strategy Group. Determined to contribute to resource-led development, he has spent 15 years advising and advocating to maximise the positive impact of mining, oil and gas projects. With an MSc in Economics, he has combined his professional curiosity with personal wanderlust to advise Prime Ministers on privatisation in Papua New Guinea, author growth diagnostic studies in the Republic of Palau, and design growth corridors in Guinea.

Kwabena Mensah

PhD Researcher at the CEPMLP, University of Dundee. His special interest is resource-sector governance, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Kwabena has a post-masters diploma from the Paris School of Mines and an MBA and BSc in Geology and Chemistry. He has extensive field experience as a geoscientist and has consulted for juniors, majors, and governments across West Africa.

Dilip Jena

PhD Researcher at the CEPMLP, University of Dundee. He was previously Manager for PwC India, Mining Practice. Dilip takes an interest in policies and technologies that contribute to the development of more cost effective and sustainable resource projects. Dilip is a mining engineer by profession, with a post graduate diploma in Business Law.

Editorial Board

The members of the Editorial Board are all leading policy makers and practitioners in the fields of resource economics, international policy and development. They meet regularly to provide editorial guidance for the interview series.

Dr Elizabeth Bastida

CEPMLP, University of Dundee
“The literature for avoiding the resource curse is reasonably clear – the main difficulty has been putting policy into practice. RAW Talks helps to translate academic research into shared knowledge.”

Dr Nicolas Di Boscio

Editor-in-Chief, RAW Talks
“RAW Talks is insightful and modern, combining analytical rigor with a straightforward communications style. It blends all the necessary ingredients to help push the debate on the extractives and development to the next level.”

Dr Ramón Espinasa

Lead Oil and Gas specialist, IDB
“Well-managed, the mining, oil and gas sectors can deliver sustainable economic benefits to civil society, industry and government. To secure this outcome we need a more informed conversation to underpin better decision-making.”

Kristian Lempa

Head Extractives and Development Programme - X4D, GIZ
“The world as we know it is in turmoil: climate change, massive refugee movements and violent conflicts shape the political agenda... We must discuss how the extractive industries may contribute to solve these global challenges.”

Dr Sven Renner

Head Extractives and Development Programme, BGR
“While we have made progress in understanding the inherent virtues and challenges of the extractive industries, we should now shift focus to the dissemination and practical implementation of that knowledge.”

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